History of Wise

For more than eight years, WISE Organization has demonstrated ingenuity to solve critical challenges of the community through various projects to serve them to experience equal opportunity and a lifelong passion.

On May 2012 a group of very committed youth girls and women gather together talking to each other about the problems, obstacles, lack of job opportunity, lack of good governance, lack of poverty, violence, women instability and an inability to access their full human dignity and right and finally women are sill the depraves of the world and result of those factors have been preventing us from higher education, development country, and commitment community.

All women and men who were gathered as a committed team confirmed higher education were dream of us where it hadn’t come true, development country was thought of us where it hadn’t come reality, despite anything is possible in this small global village that called world and finally reached up to this result that change never comes accurate unless we really don’t gather together, unless we don’t read our mind, unless we don’t understand ourselves, unless we really like or love ourselves and each other, unless we accept ourselves and each other, and think about our future and development Afghanistan.

All these thoughts complied and resulted to open an NGO and the name of this NGO specified.


All these thoughts complied and resulted to open an NGO and the name of this NGO specified.


Women Integrity for Society Empowerment

WISE is one of the most committed organizations’ in Herat to helping families in poor communities to improve their lives and achieve lasting victories over poverty, education, economic and got its formal registration certificate from Ministry of Economy with license number 2641 on May 16, 2012, and provide relief to survivors of women of Afghanistan, and WISE quickly became a trusted and compassion organization in Herat, and this trust has gained by the aspirations of local communities, we pursue our mission with both excellence and compassion because the people whom we serve deserve nothing less.

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