Foreign Investment

WISE will be revolving fund for the entrepreneurial youth to be engaged in trading activities (business & recreation) for startup capital to those interested that will be collected back. The beneficiaries are those who are going to trade in the shops, in running export Afghanistan products to other countries and import money to the country for economic development in order sustain their businesses of who are interested in business. A holistic approach will imply from different aspects to support develop both the personal skills and business knowledge for successful entrepreneurship and it also takes into account the personal background of each woman. Through this competent we apply several approaches including transactional meeting, exchange program, study visits, and other practices to support women’s entrepreneurship proves the impact that projects achieve when they pool their ideas. This help them understand the business culture in other countries and open up new markets that significantly increase the confidence of women entrepreneurs, widening their vision of the business and its potential for growth.  At all levels, the transnational dimension is a powerful stimulant for contacts, collaboration and creativity.

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