G_HRT_005_ USAID_DAI_Fact Sheet

G_HRT_005_ USAID_DAI_Fact Sheet

Policy Advocacy for Women’s Access to Economic Empowerment


USAID_Promote Mushariket Awarded $23,934.00 a project for duration of seven months (May 01, 2017 to November 31, 2017 for “Women Integrity for Society Empowerment Organization (WISE). Which was entailed (Policy Advocacy for Women’s Access to Economic Empowerment) to support and train women and young girls the advocacy skills that and improve their capabilities through training, campaigns to enable them to implement their newly acquired advocacy skills.

The overall project Goal.

The goal of this project was to strengthen and support advocacy efforts for economic, social, and cultural policies that positively affect the economic empowerment of women.


  1. The sixty (60) female business women’s gain the required advocacy skills to advocate for women’s economic empowerment, and about the lack of support of government for their business growth in the market to sustain their businesses.
  2. Enhanced the capacity of 60 women and men of community leaders /Shura/elders/youth/districts’ authorities of Injil and Guzara on advocacy and enabled them to advocate for their rights in professional methods to decrease the level of economic injustice.    
  3. Identified twenty powerful analyzers and speakers to work on their advocacy skills to debate with governmental entities about the absence of access to economic empowerment.
  4. Herat sub-coalition is established and advocating for access to economic empowerment.
  5.  The twenty members of advocacy group will be equipped with advanced advocacy knowledge and skills and able to debate with six governmental entities about lack of access to economic empowerment and will become members of the provincial Economic Empowerment sub-coalition in Herat.
  6. The reason behind the lack of access to economic empowerment identified with the obstacles that have been preventing the residents of Herat to increase their monetization from a financial point.   
  7. Enhanced the capacity of 900 participants of community male/ female through raising awareness campaigns and gained information about the advocacy method on access to economic empowerment.
  8. The main problem behind the lack of access to economic development identified upon the obstacles and the recommendation of stakeholders indicates the root cases through a one-day advocacy conference, which was a good direction for Musharikat Herat Economic Empowerment sub-coalition to submit to the government of Afghanistan for justification.
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