Social & Organizational harassment

Social & Organizational harassment


Program features

Subject of the Program: A workshop on how to protect female by recognizing the threats and other forms of online abuse, work environment and society, and celebrating the International Women Day.  

From:  Coalition Members Access to Economic Opportunities and women’s coalition Member Women’s Political Participation.

Duration of the Program: March 05, to March 07, 2018

What we did.


Based on the WISE –Communication Plan, in order to conduct a good program as well as launch the International Women’s Day an outstanding event.

  • Coordinated with Department of DoWA for approval of banner contents as well as their involvement in our program.
  • Introduction of 5 members from DoWA to be part of the training program
  • Coordinated with Civil Society Network to introduce 5 qualified NGO members to be part of this program
  • Coordinated with 5 other potentials NGOs that we have work relation with them to introduce their qualified staff to participate in the program.
  • Coordinated with Female Journalist Association to introduce 10 participants from different media organizations and local Radio TV and national level.

After the overall coordination maintained the primary list of participants finalized and provided to Herat Musharikat for prior approval.

Soon after, the WISE Program Manager Development the Training materials based on the objective of the program and provided to Herat Musharikat for prior approval.

Once we received the approval of training materials and participants list, and Herat Musharikat provided the requested goods including refreshment, scarf we specified the training curriculum and planned to conduct the training on March 05/06/07/2018.

What we achieved.

Accordingly we invited the participants and conducted two days training related to the [how to protect female by recognizing the threats and other forms of online abuse in work environment and society]

Based on the below topics of the presentation

  • Ethics, an old subject, a new issue
  • What is harassment?
  • Definition of sexual harassment in the workplace?
  • Types of sexual harassment in the workplace?
  • Report on the statistics of harassment in Afghanistan
  • Cyber harassment
  • Different type of cyberbullying
  • What to do to be secured on the Internet?
  • How can we limit the unwanted communications?
  • Why harassment is occurring?
  • Sources and persecution factors
  • The virtual world and its benefits and disadvantages
  • The relationship between virtual world and chat
  • The benefits of the virtual world
  • The virtual world and harassment
  • Solutions to end harassment
  • To create a secure environment, you need to have the following features
  • Who should be involved for process of ending harassment?
  • Harassment of women under the Criminal Code
  • Under Article 669, Harassment of a woman or child in public places
  • Under Article 670, the punishment of harassment of a woman or child at work
  • In accordance with Article 671 of this Act
  • Under Article 672, harassment.

During the two days training the overall aforementioned topics covered and discussed with participants in deepen. The trainees were very happy of this program as this was completely a new type from them and they haven’t been participated in such training before.

 Celebration of International Women Day in the three day of the program March 07, 2018

Participants of third day of program of IWD.

We had 29 participants who were the participants of the training and 11 females were participated who were invited as extra invitees, consisting governmental officials and other activists.

Commencement of the IWD

With immense gratitude we are happy to reporting successful conduction of “IWD” Right after the registration done properly and all the participants located around the tables and announcer appeared behind the sermon table with very happy face and commenced the IWD by said of in the name of Allah.

Immediately she warmly welcomed all participants to the IWD and thanked all of them particularly those people that were came from different NOGs and entities including provincial council member. Soon after sincerely asked one of the participants to Recite Versus of Holy Quran.

After reciting Holy Quran subsequently Ms. Suson Behbodzadah Women’s Rights Activist was asked behind the table, accordingly spoke about the essential aim of “Harassment” and continued his speech regarding the value of women and their role in society.

Afterword: Fatema Jafari Member of provincial Council invited and she diffidently had a very comprehensive speech about the harassment in society, workplace as well as brief information about cyber harassment and its importance for women to be protected themselves and at the meantime about the IWD.

The last speaker was Ms. Suraya Pakzad, Behbodzadah Women’s Rights Activist and director of Voice of Women Organization. She also firstly talked good issues on how to protect female from day today threats and other forms of online abuse, work environment harassment based on her own experience as of the most activist and then according to the nature of the program she also congratulated the international women day to all women special Afghanistan women.

After valuable speeches of guests are done, the WISE Team members distributed the prepared refreshment and praised to all guests and participants and sometimes women congratulated the IWD to each other in advance and enjoyed from gathering and the opportunity which maintain to all of them to see one another at this day under umbrella of WISE Conference hall and celebrated the their day with joyfully until end of the program.

Media Responsibilities

The Female Journalist Association has played a great role during the conduction of this program as associate partner of WISE in area of media coverage.

Based on coordination and agreement we had that the ten participants of media should make a report related to the subject of program which was obliged to attend to the program. Each participants based on the subject and type of the media they work they were developed reports and published from their own TVs and Radio which were taken from different part of the city of Herat.

  • Broadcast of report through the female television in Kabul
  • Broadcast of report through the Kurshed television in Kabul
  • Broadcast of report through the Zendagi television in Herat
  • Broadcast of a report from duration of celebration day in WISE conference hall in Istqhala television in Herat
  • Broadcast of a report through the radio ASR
  • Broadcast of a report through the radio Kalied
  • Broadcast of a report through media organizations website and Facebook.

Responsibilities of Civil Society Organizations

Civil Society Organizations, based on the understanding within the curriculum, have an obligation to publish through approved slogans through social media/Facebook as followed.

Installation of 30 banners in different location of Herat city in order to visualize the importance of ethnics in work enlivenment and harassment

Memorial Picture 





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