UNAMA Meeting

UNAMA Meeting

Meeting with UNAMA Regarding the most important obstacles, problems and challenges faced by women journalists in Herat.

On August 16, 2018, the Female Journalism Association, in collaboration with the UNAMA Office and Technical Cooperation of Women Integrity for Society Empowerment Organization (WISE) launched a meeting in WISE Office to discuss the main problems of women journalists in Herat province.

Discriminatory behaviors against female reporters, lack of safety and security, limited access to information, lack of government awareness of the Access to Information were named as the main challenges that faced by women journalists.

A number of women journalists in Herat criticized the negligence of government officials and media institutions and journalists, and they emphasized that instead of addressing the problems of female journalists and resolving it, many elements of violence against women journalists were subject to differences and family issues, or It is linked to moral corruption, which causes the female journalists to step down from media work.

Therefore, the WISE has distributed questionnaires to female journalism with the goal of collecting information regarding the main barriers and challenges of women journalism to share with us in order to enable the WISE Organization to design its future programs in the areas that they really need support.  

WISE through this questionnaire, identified the most important barriers, challenges that mostly female journalism are being faced through different parties that always they are afraid and they named some of them with technical approach to get out immediately of those problems whenever they face or be in secure place until their issues are solve complete and they feel that no longer they are under threat.

Meanwhile, female journalism mentioned what facilities were available in the past for female journalism for their improvement and technical skills that now they haven’t any access to those facilities and remains unqualified with today market demand skills which should be highly consider for institutions who are working for strengthen of female journalism.



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